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Do you know Earth A., the planet where Jon Le Bon and all the other characters from the series live?

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Do you like drawing Jon Le Bon, Maple, WXT and Mini-Jon or inventing stories about them? Do you ever go out in your pyjamas or wear a tuque in the summer? Did you have a Jon Le Bon cake for your birthday? Well, you’ve come to the right place!


Super Agent Jon Le Bon Contest

If you like secret agents, adventure stories and comic books, this contest is for you!
Enter and you could win the first two Jon Le Bon volumes!

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I am going on a trip, what do I pack in my suitcase?

Alex hopped on a plane yesterday and is heading to Western Canada!

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Super Agent Jon Le Bon!, Mini-Jon’s Experiments, The Universe is a Ninja

Did you know that I’ve created three comic book series so far? They are all connected and together make up a mega, giga, universe!